The Upright Piano

Piano was my destiny. I really believe that. From an early age, I was fascinated by the keyboard and the sounds. I was just past toddlerhood when I … The Upright Piano

Pianos for St. Louis Kids

Photo: Tara Adhikari/The Christian Science Monitor. Three Pluma siblings rushed to play the upright that Pianos for People had just brought from a … Pianos for St. Louis Kids

❤Ariana Grande❤

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers and entertainers of the present generation. Her songs and music videos have reached the top of … ❤Ariana Grande❤

Family And Music

These are two of the most important things in my life. Whilst others may well debate the importance of music, I think we will all agree that family … Family And Music

Enjoy the Music of Silence

Enjoy the music of silence Where stillness resides Feel your heartbeatYour very first instrument Somedays it might be out of tuneOther times in … Enjoy the Music of Silence


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